Logo And Slogan Mania: What Designer Have To Say?

Sempre più effetti grafici che rimandano alla carta dei disegnatori di comics e richiami al design. Uno stimolo all’allegria, al condividere la fantasia mentre attraversi la strada o stai seduta in metro’ … mi piace!

The Double Side Of Fashion


In a season full of  street  flavors and sportswear, comes with no to much surprise (if at all) the Logo and Slogan Mania, which seems to have influenced a bit all the designers: from  Missoni, to Christian Dior, and then from Jeremy Scott to Christopher Kane, and everyone seems to want to say something, shout their thoughts or assert their own brand. Let’s be honest, we have not seen so much typography from the 80s. And this is just the reaffirmation of the total return of those years. Designers have dug in their dictionary to add an expressive element  to their collections. From the DKNY logo, the collaboration of Coca Cola with Ashish, the ethical statements of Kenzo, this is the new trend, and tops and sweaters are perfectly suited to the mood  “look-at-me”.

In una stagione ricca di sapori di strada e sportswear, arriva senza sorprendere più di tanto (forse per niente) la Logo e Slogan…

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